Self Build

Basic Stage
Components are unfinished and need the rough edges removing, papering to remove any surface blemishes, giving matt or polished finish. (Hand tools, abrasive paper and polish supplied – only handwork needed.)
Prepared Stage
All finishing work done, ready for assembly, setting-up, final adjustments and timing. (Appropriate tools supplied.)
Completed Clock
Fully finished and assembled, tested and timed ready for immediate use. Guaranteed for one year together with certificate. Comprehensive, step-by-step instructions are supplied, plus you are welcome to call for advice.
Gold Plated Finish
To further embellish your clock after polishing has taken place we can also offer a gold plated version. For further information please just get in touch.

About Us

Devon Clocks honour the tradition of fine english clockmaking with their range of beautiful hand crafted clocks.

Every single clock Devon Clocks make are lovingly crafted to suit your individual requirements and your involvement is encouraged at all stages during production of what will become a prominent place in one’s home for many, many years.


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